I've been interested in health and horses ever since I can remember. Health, I suppose, because my father was a doctor and I grew up in that world. Horses, well, they just seem to be a natural passion.Jo Ann and 'Sunday' I was an avid rider for many years, and although I ride less often now, horses remain an important part of my life.

I graduated from Indiana University School of Nursing eons ago, actually in 1984 if you'd like to know the date. I practiced medical surgical and critical care nursing for several years before becoming a research coordinator for the University of Louisville. Convinced of the old adage, "an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure," I studied for a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology and completed my degree in 1994. Since that time I have worked in preventative health and education, focusing on nutrition, exercise and stress management.

When I had my first Alexander Technique lesson I realized immediately that I had found something special. I took private lessons for a year, and then began training at the Alexander Technique Training Centre in Charlottesville, Virginia, graduating in 2007. I opened my Alexander practice that same year and have been teaching the Alexander Technique ever since. My practice is varied, but I work mainly with people who are seeking relief from pain; people wishing to improve their posture and balance; or people who are looking for a way to manage stress and create a sense of well-being in their daily lives. And of course I work with equestrians!

I was first introduced to Tai Chi during my Alexander training in Charlottesville. I have since trained with Martin Kidder and Dr. Paul Lam, and am certified to teach Tai Chi through both the Tai Chi for Health Community and the Arthritis Foundation. I teach classes locally and often include principles of Tai Chi in my Alexander practice. Both Tai Chi and Alexander Technique have proven to be powerful allies in my personal health, keeping me "in the saddle" both literally and figuratively in the face of rheumatoid arthritis.

My Alexander practice is located at my home in Mechanicsville, a little bit of country located just twenty minutes from downtown Richmond, Virginia. I sincerely hope you will come and experience the Alexander Technique for yourself. I think that you too, will find that you have discovered something special.